Health share memberships have been around for decades, but the last decade has seen an explosion in growth. With this model gaining popularity, companies are now finding new ways to integrate and adapt the traditional health share model the better fit the diverse needs of consumers across the country. In this post, we’ll take a look at one such innovation that was just recently announced: Ultrio.

Ultrio: Enhancing health share membership

Ultrio is a new product unlike anything we at Healthsharing Reviews have seen before—a product that combines three distinct services into one membership specifically designed for individuals. Ultrio combines virtual primary care, prescription benefits, and traditional health share membership, providing greater access to healthcare that may not be available under any of these products alone.

  1. Virtual Primary Care. Ultrio provides access to virtual consultations with medical professionals that cover primary care, urgent care, and chronic condition management. This membership can provide timely and convenient access to medical attention when and where you may need it.
  2. Prescription Membership. Addressing a common gap in traditional health share offerings, Ultrio simplifies prescription access by offering $0 copays for common medications and the convenience of 90-day mail-order refills.
  3. Health Share Membership. Ultrio customers also become members of Zion HealthShare, one of the highest rated health share companies on Healthsharing Reviews and elsewhere. This provides affordable and flexible access to quality healthcare with the support of a community of fellow members.

Tagged with a “powered by Planstin” attribution, it appears that Planstin Administration has either designed this product or may be involved in a partnership. Planstin itself is a major player in the industry, as one of the few third-party benefits administration companies that offer health share memberships as part of their benefits packages. 

As health share industry enthusiasts and reviewers, we at Healthsharing reviews are thrilled to see a product like this coming out. We think it will end up being more than just a membership combining three other memberships: it will be the first of many unique and innovative applications for health shares, and a testament to how health shares can evolve to meet individual needs.

The future of health shares

As health shares continue to grow and gain traction, we expect more innovations on the horizon. Companies like Crowd Health are already reimagining the concept, blending it with a crowdsourcing model to create something that still very much resembles a health share, but is framed and marketed in a way that may be easier for those familiar with crowdsourcing to understand. It feels like some huge developments may be just around the corner, and companies like Ultrio and Crowd Health are at the forefront.

Learn more about the Ultrio Membership here.