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Health insurance premiums are insane these days. When I first started my career, I was fortunate enough to have employer-covered health insurance — I didn’t have to worry about anything. However, a couple years ago, I decided to become a freelancer and was shocked to discover what my options were.

Initially, I was offered my same insurance, only I had to pay for it this time. This sounded great until I learned that it would be $1,600 a month for two, young, healthy people. After dismissing this option, I went to my insurance agent to check out Obamacare options…..these were terrible too. I was looking at $800 a month for terrible coverage and even worse deductible.

I was almost ready to go without insurance and just pay the tax penalty each year. That was until I came across healthsharing ministries.


Healthsharing Ministries: Top Health Insurance Alternatives

A physician that was a friend of my family first told me about healthsharing ministries. At first, I was 100% skeptical. Plus, I didn’t attend church regularly so wasn’t sure if I would be accepted in.

I did as much research as I could online for each of the 6 major healthsharing ministries, but I could only find marketing material. Sure, everything they were saying sounded great, but I didn’t want to depend on stuff that was coming straight from them. I spoke with some other physicians, family members, and friends — no one had heard of these healthsharing ministries. Was this thing a scam of some sort? Like most other services I use, I normally read some reviews online before giving them my money. I couldn’t do this with healthsharing organizations.


Check Out Reviews Of Various Healthsharing Ministries


OneShare Health

Formerly named Kingdom HealthShare Ministries, OneShare Health is a faith-based medical cost-sharing program. This health sharing plan is based on giving and serving others within the community of believers – a ministry for people with similar core beliefs.

  • Very User Friendly
  • Can be pricey
Christian Healthcare Ministries Review

Christian Healthcare Ministries, often referred to as CHM is one of the oldest and most popular health sharing ministries in the United States.

  • Only offer assistance up to $125,000 (unless you have Brother's Keeper
Altrua Healthshare Review

Altrua Healthshare seems to be one of the newest healthsharing ministries out there. And it looks like they are bringing..

  • Awesome Website
  • No social media engagement
Medi-Share Review

Medi-Share is a very popular healthsharing option that is provided by Christian Care Ministry.

Samaritan Ministries Review is Top Rated
Samaritan Ministries Review

Samaritan Ministries is pretty similar to all the other health sharing as far as how it works.

Solidarity Healthshare Review is Top Rated
Solidarity Healthshare Review

Solidarity HealthShare is a health care sharing ministry of Melita Christian Fellowship Hospital Aid Plan

  • Easy to submit claims
  • Caters to Catholics (Not great if you're not Catholic!)


What Is Healthsharing Reviews?

I ended up taking a chance and signed up for Liberty Healthshare. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. And while everything turned out great for me, I still didn’t want others to have that doubt when looking into healthsharing. This is why I’ve created Healthsharing Reviews. HSR is a place where non-members can come and read reviews, opinions, and experiences from members that are actually a part of these ministries.

We also created a Facebook group where we are trying to build up a community of members and non-members to discuss anything related to healthshares. It also gives non-members a chance to connect with members and ask them specific questions about specific ministries. We invite you to join!


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