Welcome back to the Vocabulary Series, where we dive into the specific words and terminology used by different health share companies. In this installment, we’ll be taking a look at Medi-Share, a health care sharing ministry (HCSM) that has been sharing healthcare burdens since 1993. Understanding the key terms used by Medi-Share can be helpful for newcomers looking for clarity in making informed decisions about their healthcare options.

Annual Household Portion (AHP)

The Annual Household Portion (AHP) is the amount that a member household is responsible for paying in a 12-month period for eligible medical expenses before their bills can begin to be processed for sharing through Medi-Share. The AHP acts as a threshold for the sharing process, allowing other members to contribute toward others’ medical expenses.

Christian Care Ministry

Christian Care Ministry is the overseeing parent organization responsible for the administration and governance of the Medi-Share medical cost sharing program. Christian Care Ministry establishes and revises the sharing program’s guidelines, ensuring adherence to its stated core principles and values. They also provide the annual financial reports for Medi-Share, displaying transparency and accountability to the membership.

Initial Member Responsibility (IMR)

Under Medi-Share’s Value program, each member has an Initial Member Responsibility (IMR) of $500 or $1,000 per incident. These apply on a Per-Day or Per-Stay basis, depending on the nature of the medical services rendered:

  • Per Day – For all medical services not occurring during an admission to a facility, the IMR applies one time per incident per day. The list of services that qualify for a per-day basis can be found here.
  • Per Stay – For all medical services occurring during an inpatient treatment or procedure that spans multiple days without discharge, the IMR will apply one time per incident per stay. The list of services that qualify for a per-stay basis can be found here.


Manna is an invaluable sharing program offered by Medi-Share to assist in replacing lost income related to disability. Manna can replace up to 80% of monthly income for up to one year. This optional program offers essential assistance during times of hardship, providing financial stability while you focus on recovery. More information on the Manna program can be found here.


As part of your membership, you gain access to the services of MDLive, Medi-Share’s contracted telehealth provider. MDLive offers 24/7 healthcare consultation by phone or video, connecting you with medical professionals from the comfort of your own home. This service is provided at no additional cost to Medi-Share members, allowing you greater access to and convenience in healthcare.

Monthly Share

As a Medi-Share member, you contribute a monthly “share” based on age and the number of people in your household. This contribution goes into a sharing account, from which it goes directly to a fellow member’s sharing account to pay their medical expenses.