About Healthsharing Reviews

How I found healthsharing

Not too long ago, I worked for a large company. My job came with all the great benefits: 401k, medical, dental, and vision insurance. Before then, I was still able to use the same insurance under my parents due to my age. I was blind to costs of medical insurance.

After a while, I decided to leave my job and become an independent consultant. I didn’t even consider what that really meant as far as insurance. By law, my company had to offer me my same insurance coverage — except I had to pay for it now. I thought this sounded great at first until I realized it was going to cost over $1,600 a month. Almost more than my mortgage! I decided this wasn’t an option and I would go out and find insurance myself.

I checked out the healthcare marketplace and was completely disappointed. I was looking at around $800 a month with a high deductible and a not-so-great network. This too, I decided, was not an option.

It was around this same time that I was speaking with a family friend that happened to be a physician and he mentioned healthsharing ministries to me. I thought it sounded pretty crazy but was willing to look into anything. I spent weeks trying to find more information on these ministries but I couldn’t find much on the internet that wasn’t coming from the ministries themselves.

I ended up becoming a member of Liberty Healthshare and it has been a game-changer for me. Every year, I hear my friends and family complain about the rising costs of their insurance and I feel lucky to have come across healthsharing.

Why I created this site

The goal of this site is to give people who are interested in joining a healthshare as much information and reviews from actual members.