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Sedera Health Review

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Sedera Health

Sedera Review

Sedera Healthshare was founded in 2014 by Dr. Tony Dale, a former physician from Great Britain, who became interested in the American medical system after he had to have surgery in the United States. Having seen the inconsistencies in the system, Dr. Dale decided to put a stop to the unmet needs in the traditional health insurance industry. He founded Sedera as an alternative solution within the Medical Cost Sharing concept. Read on for our Sedera review.

Website Overview

Visiting Sedera’s website, much like what happened with Zion Health and Altrua, was a pleasant surprise. The design is light, appealing, and pragmatic, and the homepage is packed with relevant, well-organized information. The chat option on the right side is definitely a plus because it shows Sedera’s willingness to communicate. You can use this channel both to ask questions and to share feedback with Sedera. The website does have some downsides, though, such as difficulty finding specific information at times. Overall, we love their new look since the re-brand. The new colors and sketch style graphics are welcoming and helpful.

How Sedera Healthshare Membership and Pricing Works

Much like with other HealthShares, Sedera members must contribute a monthly share amount. Sedera then adds an “Initial Unshared Amount.” This amount, also called the IUA, is the amount members pay out-of-pocket before any community cost sharing. The IUA is a per need amount, meaning it doesn’t reset each year. Rather, Sedera cares for each individual need separately, with no time limits on sharing.

Sedera has five different Initial Unshared Amounts to choose from: $500, $1000, $1500, $2,500, and $5,000. The IUA you choose dictates how much you pay every month. To better understand the relation between the IUA and the monthly share please visit the Sedera website. After you meet your IUA, Sedera sets no limits on the amount shareable per need.

Although Sedera isn’t the cheapest HealthShare on the market (take a look at our review of Zion Health for a cheap HealthShare option with great reviews) it also isn’t the most expensive. Let’s say its pricing is moderate. 

Employer and Employee Membership

Sedera offers memberships for individuals and teams. Individual memberships are for individuals and families, and team memberships are for worksites. So far, only Sedera and Zion Health offer plans designed for employers, so it really is a major plus!

The only way to learn more about this option, including the pricing, seems to be by contacting Sedera, though, since there isn’t any price table regarding this membership type. The good news is that contacting Sedera’s team is very easy since they provide you with different contact channels on the website.

Submitting Needs

Sedera fails to provide an online needs form on the front end of the website and doesn’t seem to offer a particular option on the website devoted solely to submitting needs. In order to submitthe only way to go seems to be through the general “Contact” button, through which you’ll fill out a form and write a message about the reason why you’re contacting.

However, Sedera does have a place for members to sign-in. No doubt, there are more member-specific, helpful features once members log in.

How to join Sedera Healthshare

First of all, the Sedera Medical Cost Sharing membership is not currently available in Alaska and Vermont. Aside from that, joining is easy.

If you’re considering joining Sedera, look at the Membership Guidelines first, available on the website, in the “Resources” section.

To sign up, contact Sedera by clicking “Join Now” or the website, or call (800) 473-5472.


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Jan MacGregor
November 19, 2021 @ 18:04

I just went through a health issue & surgery and within SIX days of submitting my final fill I have just over $5,200 transferred to our checking account, paying us everything Sedera would pay us over our IUA for this! No calls, no emailing, no denying things… just money in the bank. They also covered our flu shots within 9 days of submitting them! Member Services and Needs Coordinators are SO easy to contact and communicate with! Couldn’t be happier!

I just went through a health issue & surgery and within SIX days of submitting my final fill I have just over $5,200 transferred to our checking account, paying us everything Sedera would pay us over our IUA for this! No calls, no emailing, no de..