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Sedera Healthshare Review

Today, I’m going to share information and my Sedera Healthshare review with you. I want to share my research and show you how it works, its advantages and disadvantages! 

A little about Sedera’s background

First, let me just share some background information about Sedera. It was founded not a long time ago – in 2014 – by Dr. Tony Dale, a former physician from Great Britain, who became interested in the American medical system ever since he had to have surgery in the United States. Having seen the inconsistencies in the system, Dr. Dale decided to put a stop to the unmet needs in the traditional health insurance industry and founded Sedera as an alternative solution within the Medical Cost Sharing concept.

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Sedera Review

Visiting Sedera’s website, much like what happened with Zion Health and Altrua, was a pleasant surprise. The design is not only light and appealing but also pragmatic. The homepage is filled with relevant information, which is organized in an enjoyable manner. The option on the right side that enables the visitor to chat with someone from Sedera is definitely a plus since it shows how they want you to comprehend what they can do for you and also that they are willing to spend time explaining it to you, answering every question you may have. You can use this communication channel both to ask something and to share feedback with Sedera. The website does have some downsides, such as the difficulty to find specific information at times and some outdated information.

sedera healthshare homepage

Now let’s move on to how Sedera works.

How Sedera Healthshare works

In its website, we find a video that sums up how Sedera Health works. Check it out below.

Much like with other healthshares, as a Sedera member, you’re required to contribute with a monthly share amount, to which you add an “Initial Unshared Amount”. This fee, also referred to as IUA on the website, is the specified amount that you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket prior to any amount that may be eligible for sharing within Sedera.

There are 3 different Initial Unshared Amounts to choose from in Sedera: $500, $1000, and $1500, according to the information that appears in the “Our Solutions” section. If you look further for information on pricing, you’ll find different tables that show 5 different levels, from $500 up to $5000. Nonetheless, the table that contains the 3 levels was not only updated very recently (September 2018) but it’s also the information that appears first on the website, meaning that it’s most likely the correct pricing (remember when I said the website has some downsides, such as outdated information? I was talking about this!)

Moving on from the technicalities and to how pricing in Sedera Healthshare works, the IUA you choose will dictate how much you’re going to pay every month. To better understand the relation between the IUA and the monthly share, let’s take a look at the table below, in the next subtopic.

Membership and pricing

sedera pricing sheet

So, depending on what IUA you choose, you’ll pay a different monthly share. For example, if you’re an “employee + spouse under 30” and you choose to pay $1000, your share will be $351 per month.

Although Sedera isn’t the cheapest healthshare in the market (take a look at my review of Zion Health for a cheap healthshare option with good feedback) it also isn’t the most expensive. Let’s say its pricing is moderate. 

Employer and Employee Membership

Sedera offers two types of memberships: for individuals and employers.

The membership for individuals is meant for the employee and their family, if adequate; the employer membership is for the worksite. Of the healthshares I have already reviewed on the website, Sedera and Zion Health are the only ones that offer a healthcare plan that can be acquired by an employer for employees, so it really is a major plus both for Sedera and Zion Health!

The only way to learn more about this option, such as the pricing, seems to be by contacting Sedera, though, since there isn’t any price table regarding this membership type. The good news is that contacting Sedera’s team is very easy since they provide you with different contact channels on the website.

Direct Primary Care

Sedera healthshare also provides an option for those who are interested in Direct Primary Care. Although Sedera doesn’t offer a plan that includes this service, there is an option of a membership for those who already have a relationship with a Direct Primary Care provider. This option includes a Sedera’s discounted monthly share rate.

Submitting Needs

Sedera fails to provide an online form on the front end of the website to submit needs. It doesn’t seem to offer a particular option on the website devoted solely to the submission of needs. In order to submit one, the only way to go seems to be through the general “Contact” button, through which you’ll fill out a form and write a message about the reason why you’re contacting.

However, Sedera does provide an interesting diagram of the process of submitting a need. Check it out below!

How to get signed up to Sedera Healthshare

First of all, at the moment, the Sedera Medical Cost Sharing membership is not available in Alaska and Vermont. Aside from that, membership is easily obtained.

If you’re considering joining Sedera, take a look at the Sedera Membership Guidelines first, available on the website, in the “Resources” section.

Now back to how to get signed up: you can contact Sedera by clicking on “Join Sedera”, followed by their phone number, which is up, on the right corner of the website.

Another way to get signed up is to hit the “Contact” button. There, you’ll have a few options – go for the one that says “I want to learn more about Sedera” and then choose the option that better suits what you want.

Visit Sedera Healthshare's website

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