As a Liberty Healthshare member, I instantly felt familiar when visiting the Solidarity Healthshare website. And considering that both organizations have the same exact address, it’s probably safe to assume they are related.

As a happy member of Liberty, I would say this is a good thing. You’re most likely going to get the same kind of great care that you would get at Liberty. A lot of the options seem to be pretty similar as well.

Here’s what we could find on the site:



Solidarity Healthshare Review

As stated above, Solidarity has a very similar feel to Liberty Healthshare. If you check out Solidarity’s and Liberty’s sites, you will notice it yourself.

However, legally, these two organizations are parts of different sharing ministries. On Solidarity’s website, you can see at the bottom that it is a part of Melita Christian Fellowship Hospital Aid Plan.

“©2016 Solidarity HealthShare is a health care sharing ministry of Melita Christian Fellowship Hospital Aid Plan”

Whereas, Liberty Healthshare states that it is a part of the Gospel Light Mennonite Church Medical Aid Plan.

“©2017 Liberty HealthShare℠ is a healthcare sharing ministry of Gospel Light Mennonite Church Medical Aid Plan, Inc”

Most likely, the two organizations are different ministries but ran under the same umbrella company. One thing that I did notice on Solidarity Healthshare was that it mentioned “Medical Cost Sharing for Catholics”. It could be that Solidarity is catered specifically to Catholics.





Another feature similar to Liberty, it’s pricing. Solidarity offers 3 separate program options:


Solidarity First

Solidarity Healthshare Review

The Solidarity First option is the cheapest option of the 3 — and apparently their most popular. For only $107 per month, a single person under the age of 30 could be a part of this sharing program. The Solidarity First program offers 70% of Eligible Medical Bills up to $125,000 per incident.


Solidarity Extend

Solidarity Healthshare Review

The next step up in options is the Solidarity Extend. With Solidarity Extend, members receive 100% of eligible medical bills up to $125,000 per incident. For only $24 per month more, that same single, under-30-year-old can get up to 100% compared to 70% with Solidarity First.


Solidarity Whole

Solidarity Healthshare review

I initially stated that Solidarity First was their most popular option considering that it stated “Our most comprehensive and popular sharing program”. However, it looks like they have a typo and seemed to have put this on all of their options. So, we aren’t sure which is truly their most popular, but Solidarity Whole definitely seems to be the most comprehensive.

With Solidarity Whole, members receive 100% of eligible medical bills up to $1,000,000 per incident. In our opinion, this is by far the best option. For only $42 per month more, a single person under 30 would get so much more than compared to the Solidarity First option.

Extra Costs To Consider

With healthsharing ministries, there is normally other types of costs to consider for being a member. The biggest two when it comes to Solidarity is the Annual Unshared Amount (AUA) and the Annual Membership Dues.


Annual Unshared Amount 

With these options, there is an Annual Unshared Amount that members must meet before your plan goes into effect. The Annual Unshared Amount (AUA) for Solidarity Healthshare is as follows:

  • $500 for an individual
  • $1,000 for a couple
  • $1,500 for a family

Your AUA is essentially the amount of money that you must pay out of your pocket before your plan begins to kick in.


Annual Membership Dues

Another expense to consider with Solidarity Healthshare is the membership dues. When you first sign up to Solidarity, you are asked to pay an annual membership fee of $135. Every year after that, it’s only $75. If you’re over 65, there is also a “Loss of Life Assistance” fee that costs an extra $25 per month.


How to enroll

Enrolling into Solidarity Healthshare also seems to be very similar to Liberty Healthshare. On their enrollment page, they have a very simple form that you can fill out to get the ball rolling.

They also provide a simple “how-to” video on everything you need to know for enrolling:


How Solidarity Healthshare Works

Solidarity Healthshare and Liberty Healthshare seem to operate very similarly. On Solidarity’s website, the ministry breaks down exactly how the process works for its members.

Solidarity Healthshare Review

Essentially, members contribute their “Suggested Monthly Share Amount” (which is determined by your plan) to their “Sharebox”. Once it goes into the sharebox, it is available to all members who have an eligible medical bill. Normally this bill is submitted by their provider and is handled by Solidarity themselves. You don’t have to worry about sending individuals money each time they need to pay a bill.


How To Submit Bills At Solidary Healthshare

From my research on the website, submitting a bill to Solidarity Healthshare is the same process as submitting one to Liberty Healthshare. And that’s a good thing because it’s super simple. There are two ways in which a bill can be submitted:

Doctor Submits

Your provider submitting your bill is definitely the easiest way for this to be done. If you talk with the provider about being a member of Solidarity Healthshare, they normally can accommodate and send the bill directly to Solidarity so that you don’t need to be in the middle of it. If they can’t, they will just hand you the bill. In that case, you simply go online and sign into your sharebox. From there, you can upload the bill and Solidarity will send the check to your provider.

You Submit

There are some situations in which a provider will try to charge you upfront for the service. This happens a lot when I am just going for a check-up or something and they want to charge me for the visit that day. Most of the time, these bills aren’t very significant and you may have to end up paying out of your pocket. Be sure to get back an itemized receipt so that Solidarity can see the actual CPT codes from the visit. When you go to your sharebox, all you need to do is upload that receipt and Solidarity will send reimburse you.


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