Healthsharing Reviews Frequently Asked Questions

How are rankings calculated?

The ranking is pretty simple. It’s an automated average of all the member scores on the HealthShare’s review page. Each time a new member rates a HealthShare, the overall rating is automatically changed. If one member rates a HealthShare at a 5 and another member rates a HealthShare at a 3, the overall rating for that HealthShare will be 4.

Can I trust the reviews?

While we urge all people to submit honest reviews of HealthShares they actually belong to, we cannot guarantee that will always be the case. We simply can’t investigate each review to verify that it’s written by someone who is a member of the HealthShare they have reviewed. 

Do you edit or remove reviews?

We rarely edit or remove reviews. We may remove a review if the reviewer used profanity, posted unsavory content, or used the review as a platform to say mean things that have nothing to do with the overall performance of a HealthShare. We almost never edit a review unless a person has used their review to post spam, ads, or other links. 

Where do your leads go?

In the past, we worked with independent agents that contracted by a HealthShare to enroll members on their behalf. Currently (2022), we’ve phased out this program. It may return in the future, but for now leads are answered by site researchers. We want to help our users choose the best HealthShare for their needs, and can help you narrow down potential options.

In some cases, if you express interest in a specific HealthShare in your original contact form, we may forward your contact information directly to that HealthShare. 

How does Healthsharing Reviews make money?

We make money in various ways. We get compensated by posting sponsored ads across the website and using Google AdSense. We may also use affiliate links.