Do I Need to Be Religious to Be in a Healthsharing Ministry?

September 1, 2022

Healthsharing ministries have such a strong relationship with religion, it’s no wonder many people assume that they must be religious to join one. While this may have been true in the past, it’s no longer the case. As healthcare costs rise, more and more pople are turning to healthsharing to save money and new companies […]

Direct Primary Care vs. Health Sharing

November 3, 2022

Is One Better Than the Other? If you are sick of health insurance and looking for a better solution to deal with your medical bills, you’ve probably heard of health sharing (why you ended up here!) and direct primary care memberships. So how do you know which option is best for you? Let’s take a […]

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Three Reasons Why Health Shares Are So Popular

October 18, 2022

According to the Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries, there are health share members in all 50 states, and nationwide about 900,000 people are enrolled in one of the AHCSM companies. But that number only represents 7 out of roughly 100 companies! That means that easily over 1 million people are enrolled in some kind of […]

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Coshare, Copay, and Member Responsibility: A Health Share Vocabulary Lesson

October 4, 2022

Although health sharing is not the same as health insurance, sometimes its structure looks very similar. Today, we thought it would be a good idea to review some of the most common, insurance-like terms used by health sharing ministries. Knowing this vocabulary will make it easier to interpret medical cost sharing membership plans when you […]

Do Startups Offer Health Insurance?

September 23, 2022

The United States is the country with the most startups in the world, so many of our readers probably work for one, or know someone who does. Startups can be exciting—a brand-new business with new ideas and ways of doing things offers a lot of opportunity for employees to make a mark on the company […]

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Health Share Plans: What You Need To Know

September 14, 2022

With medical costs constantly ballooning and showing no signs of slowing down, more and more people are looking for alternative ways to get healthcare. Health sharing programs (also known as “medical cost sharing,” “healthcare ministries”, and “sharing ministries”, among other terms), have become more popular over the years. In 2022, health share ministries have a […]

How Much Do Healthshare Memberships Cost?

September 8, 2022

This question is one of the most frequent information requests we get from site messages. It’s also incredibly difficult to answer, since there’s so much variety! Today, we’ll explain a bit about what to expect from healthshare pricing. Factors that determine pricing Most health shares use flat-rate pricing, meaning that potential members can see what […]

Happy International Dog Day!

August 26, 2022

August 26 is International Dog Day, a wonderful excuse to adopt, foster, or spoil a canine companion. So why are we featuring this holiday here? Why, because dogs (and other pets) are great for our health! With some precautions, of course–without proper care and hygiene, being around animals can harm health, too. The CDC offers […]

Head for the Hills

August 17, 2022

In the 1950s, Englishman Alfred Wainwright began walking the hills of Great Britain’s Lake District, meticulously noting every ridge, road marker, possible ascent, and even tree. Wainwright spent more than ten years on this pilgrimage, which resulted in a 7-volume book series, “Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells.” The beautiful books, published in his own […]

Summer Safety, Part III: Heat-related Illness

August 8, 2022

Remember how our first entry in this series mentioned hikers struggling to handle the Grand Canyon? Today, we’re delving more into the various types of heat illnesses, their symptoms, and their treatment. Minor heat illnesses There are several common, minor heat-related illnesses. These include: Heat edema (swelling)–very common, especially in feet and ankles. Treatment for […]

Summer Safety, Part II: Sunburn

August 4, 2022

Last week, we talked about some of the dangers of spending time in the sun–specifically, dehydration and hyponatremia. In this post, we’ll focus on more direct ways the summer heat can deal some damage. Take an extra sip of water, just in case, and read on! A silent threat Did you know that your skin […]