Head For The Hills

August 17, 2022

In the 1950s, Englishman Alfred Wainwright began walking the hills of Great Britain’s Lake District, meticulously noting every ridge, road marker, possible ascent, and even tree. Wainwright spent more than ten years on this pilgrimage, which resulted in a 7-volume book series, “Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells.” The beautiful books, published in his own […]

Summer Safety, Part III: Heat-related Illness

August 8, 2022

Remember how our first entry in this series mentioned hikers struggling to handle the Grand Canyon? Today, we’re delving more into the various types of heat illnesses, their symptoms, and their treatment. Minor heat illnesses There are several common, minor heat-related illnesses. These include: Heat edema (swelling)–very common, especially in feet and ankles. Treatment for […]

Summer Safety, Part II: Sunburn

August 4, 2022

Last week, we talked about some of the dangers of spending time in the sun–specifically, dehydration and hyponatremia. In this post, we’ll focus on more direct ways the summer heat can deal some damage. Take an extra sip of water, just in case, and read on! A silent threat Did you know that your skin […]

Summer Safety: Heat and Dehydration, Part 1

July 28, 2022

Why worry about heat safety? Earlier this summer, a family member did a rim-to-rim Grand Canyon hike with friends. They prepared well for this hike, but some of their companions did not…and the planned hike ended with an extra day leaving the Canyon, one group member airlifted to hospital, and one disoriented, exhausted member needing […]

Let’s Talk About Stress

April 25, 2022

We had a hard time choosing April’s blog. Every month of the year has health-focused holidays, but April’s are really good. Autism Awareness, MS Awareness, World Malaria Day, Parkinson’s, Move More Month, Allergy Awareness Week…how on earth could we choose? Turns out that April is also Stress Awareness Month. For our first April feature, we […]

March Motivation

March 17, 2022

It’s that time of year again! We’re drawing closer to the official first day of spring, and after slogging through February, it feels great to have more options for self-care. Here are some ideas for making the most of your March: March Madness Okay, no, we’re not suggesting that sitting in front of the TV […]

Making Healthy Changes, in a Healthy Way

January 14, 2022

“New year, new you!” Well, maybe not. Self-improvement is great in theory, but at the start of a new year people often put too much pressure on themselves to change completely. Resolving to change only does you any good if goals are achievable. I’m not a huge fan of the self-help industry for this reason. […]

Pros and Cons of Health Share Plans

May 12, 2020

        Health share plans are an alternative to traditional insurance. If you are wondering whether they are a good option for you, then keep reading! We will help you decide by listing some of the pros and cons of health share plans so that you can be sure that the decision you make will be […]

COVID-19 Pandemic & Healthsharing
How Healthshare Companies are Handling COVID-19

April 16, 2020

        Life is full of surprises, and because of that, it can sometimes be difficult to plan. That’s why it’s important to have something to fall back on when life throws you a curveball out of nowhere.  The COVID-19 pandemic sparked in a very short period of time, and it has certainly proved challenging for […]

5 best healtshare dental plans
5 Best Healthshare Dental Plans

March 10, 2020

Dental care can be expensive, yet it is important and can’t be ignored or neglected. If you’ve ever had a toothache, you know how mind-numbing and annoying the pain can be. That is why many have chosen to opt for a significantly cheaper choice – to sign up for a healthshare dental plan instead of […]