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Altrua Healthshare Review

Altrua Healthshare seems to be one of the newest healthsharing ministries out there. And it looks like they are bringing a more “start-up” vibe to the industry. My first impressions of the website were “wow”. The branding, UI, and information on this website are top-notch. In an industry where companies can seem to be a bit “old-school”, Altrua seems to be coming in and trying to shake things up with a fresh new approach. For the younger generations, Altrua seems to be a front-runner.

After being super impressed with their website, I didn’t feel the same after checking out some of their social media channels. Their Twitter account has only 24 followers and they have only tweeted a total of 49 times. On top of that, it seems as though they haven’t tweeted or posted on Facebook in a long time. As a prospective member, this would be a huge red-flag for me. People that are considering joining a healthshare are definitely going to do some research on the company. And to see that there isn’t much interaction with the members via social media might be a turn-off.

For a company that seems to have invested a lot in such a nice site, they should be doing the same with their social media.


How Altrua Healthshare Works

Altrua Healthshare does an AMAZING job at explaining how everything works within their ministry. I don’t think any other ministry goes as in-depth as much as Altrua does. The flow chart below explains how every single step in Altrua Healthshare works.

Altrua Healthshare Review

As you can see above, Altrua Healthshare works similarly to all other healthsharing ministries. But this flowchart does a great job at breaking it down for potential members. It gives them a very clear picture of how this is going to work.


Pricing for Altrua Healthshare

Pricing and benefits for Altrua can get a bit confusing. Luckily, they did another great job and providing as much information as possible for this. There are 3 major options for Altrua Healthshare membership: Gold, Silver, and Bronze.



The “Gold” plan for Altrua Healthshare is the top plan offered. For each plan, Altrua provides helpful charts that breakdown pricing by age and a number of members: individuals, couples, and families. The prices are also divided into Standard and Advantage pricing. It seems that the biggest differentiator between Standard and Advantage are the amounts that you pay out of pocket. This amount is what they call “Member Responsibility Amount” or MRA. With Altrua, there is a 1st MRA and a 2nd MRA.

Altrua Healthshare review



The Silver plan is the next step down for Altrua. Here, you can see that the prices aren’t dramatically lower — about $20-$30 across the board. In my opinion, it’s best to opt for the best plan or the lowest plan when joining a healthsharing ministry. But, of course, always go with what is best for your budget!

Altrua Healthshare Review



The lowest plan for Altrua is its Bronze plan. Here, you can see that the prices are dramatically cheaper than the Silver and Gold plans. For an individual under 39, the Bronze plan is over $100/month cheaper.

Altrua Healthshare Review


Member Responsibility Amount

The Member Responsibility Amount (MRA) is very similar to Annual Unshared Amounts with ministries like Liberty Healthshare. Essentially, the MRA is the amount that you will have to pay out-of-pocket for your membership. Altrua’s system has two MRAs: a 1st and a 2nd. The 1st MRA is the amount that you will pay before your Altrua membership ever kicks in. The 2nd is a percentage amount that you will continue to pay for every bill after you pass your 1st MRA.

Understanding The Membership

First Member Responsibility Amount (1st MRA): The member’s first out of pocket amount before the membership shares in eligible needs (any amount not related to office visits, wellness visits, sick visits, check-ups, follow-up visits, etc.).

Second Member Responsibility Amount (2nd MRA): The percentage members are responsible for, after the 1st MRA is met, and before the membership shares in eligible needs. The membership shares simultaneously in eligible needs as the member’s 2nd MRA is being met.

Things to Note
Members are sent monthly contribution requests based on age and household, which they submit to remain active in the membership.

Members whose weight exceeds the membership standard will have a share increase added to their monthly contribution.

To date, all eligible medical needs have been shared on behalf of members by Altrua HealthShare.” – Altrua Healthshare


Differences between the plans

Below is a chart from Altrua that helps break down the exact differences between each plan:

Altrua Healthshare Review


What members receive

Another helpful chart from Altrua shows you what each type of member receives in terms of office visits, maternity plans, prescriptions, etc.

Altrua healthshare review

Signing up for Altrua Healthshare

Like all of the other healthsharing ministries, Altrua’s sign up process is pretty simple and can be done online. They provide an easy online form where you fill out your basic information. After filling this form out, you will be contacted by Altrua Healthshare and will begin the process of enrollment from there.


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