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Impact Health Sharing

Impact Health Sharing, founded by religious entrepreneurs Phil and Angela Chrysler, has been in operation since 2019. Rather than being a nonprofit organization, like other health shares featured on this site, Impact is a not-for-profit corporation, and is held to different standards when it comes to transparency and providing information to the public. Because of this, we are not sure how much Impact has shared since starting up, but we do know they have around 10,000 members.

The Chryslers started their health share with the goal of giving their members power, freedom, and control over their healthcare. Membership with Impact Health Sharing is open to those willing to “honor and abide” their Statement of Shared Beliefs & Ethics and who are interested in “sharing and saving” in their healthcare costs.


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How does Impact Health Sharing membership and pricing work?

Impact Health Sharing members choose between four different primary responsibility amount (PRA) options: $2,500, $5,000, $7,500, or $10,000. Your monthly contribution amount is based on the number of members in your household, your age, and your chosen primary responsibility amount (a higher PRA means a lower monthly contribution).

Once your PRA is met, you must pay a 10% coshare on all eligible medical bills up to your co-share limit, which is $5,000 per household, per year.

There are also provider fees, which you will pay at the time of receiving service from a medical care provider. These fees are

  • $0 for telemedicine (excluding psychiatric telemedicine)
  • $50 for primary care
  • $50 for each allergy test or serum Injection
  • $75 for specialist, urgent Care, or outpatient services
  • $150 for emergency room or inpatient hospitalization

These fees do not count toward your PRA and are paid even if your PRA has been met for the year.

During the first 60 days of membership, you can share up to a maximum of $50,000 in eligible medical bills. This is fairly standard, as many health shares place limits on how much can be shared in the initial months of membership, especially relating to certain conditions and treatments.

Impact Health Sharing has some other limits to how much can be shared. Sharing is limited to $150,000 per pregnancy event, which includes antepartum care, postpartum care, as well as the costs of delivery and treatment related to any complications. There is an annual sharing limit for sharing of any kind of $500,000 per member, per year. All expenses exceeding the annual sharing limit are ineligible for sharing.

Also worth mentioning is Impact Health Sharing’s BMI assessment. While many health shares require members live a healthy lifestyle, Impact allows seriously overweight members, but applies an additional fee based on their body mass index (BMI). Members with a BMI of 40 or greater are required to pay an additional $135 per month, per household on top of their monthly contribution amount to remain eligible for sharing.

Share account

All members must activate a Share Account on Impact Health Sharing’s virtual share exchange platform. Your share account is a virtual account, wherein deposited funds are received by America’s Christian Credit Union who holds them “for the benefit of Impact Health Sharing members.” This essentially means you open up a separate bank account when you sign up for an Impact membership, and sharing and monthly contributions are handled through this account.

The money in your Share Account is insured and fully controlled by you, the member.


How to join Impact Health Sharing

You can sign up through their website by clicking right here. You can also reach out to them by phone at 855-378-6777 for general inquiries or help signing up.


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