OneShare Health

OneShare Health

What is OneShare Health?

Formerly named Kingdom HealthShare Ministries, OneShare Health is a faith-based medical cost-sharing program. This health sharing plan is based on giving and serving others within the community of believers – a ministry for people with similar core beliefs. In fact, OneShare’s members agree to a statement of beliefs based on Biblical scriptures. Money contributed is tax-exempt, but OneShare Health is not insurance, and it’s not a health savings account (HSA). The program, which claims to be 30-40% more affordable than insurance, was created to help members bless one another by sharing medical expenses. There are several plans to choose from, including Catastrophic, Classic, and Complete. The Catastrophic plan covers diagnostic services, plus emergency room visits, surgeries, and hospital stays, while Classic and Complete plans pay 100% of preventative services and offer $20 co-pays on most doctor’s visits. Members who contribute to Classic and Complete plans also share up to $10,000 of end-of-life costs, with a $1,000,000 lifetime sharing maximum.

How does OneShare Health work?

In the spirit of helping those less fortunate, as well as share the burdens of fellow believers, OneShare allows members the freedom to choose their contribution amounts as well as their coverage types, offering several different plans in a variety of price ranges. Individuals, couples, or families contribute a monthly amount, which is ACA-exempt, and they are granted the ability to share all types of medical costs with other members. Biblical principles of healthy living and avoid harmful behaviors are at the root of OneShare Health. Therefore, most preventative services are covered 100%, while tobacco users can expect to pay a higher premium each month. Below are a few of OneShare’s membership levels:


This program is best suited for healthy people who want to have primary or secondary coverage for catastrophic emergencies and illnesses.

OneShare catastrophic plans


In addition to coverage in the chart above, memberships with Catastrophic coverage have access to discount programs for diabetic care and supplies, lab work, and hearing services and equipment


There are 3 levels of OneShare Classic membership: Basic, Enhanced, and Crown. This program will take care of most medical needs including hospital stays.


oneshare enhanced plans


The Classic membership offers discount programs for dental, vision, and health screenings in addition to diabetic, lab and hearing discounts available with the Catastrophic plan.


The OneShare Complete program is available at the same three levels as Classic (Basic, Enhanced, and Crown). As the name suggests, this program offers the most comprehensive coverage for families and individuals.


oneshare complete plans


The same six discount programs that are available to Classic members are offered to Complete members as well.

How much does OneShare Health cost?

The price members pay per month depends on several factors. The number of family members and member’s age is two of them. Another relevant detail is the individual sharing amount that the member chooses to contribute per year. ISA tiers are $5,000, $7,500, and $10,000 per year. OneShare offers members the flexibility to choose an individual membership, a Member +1 membership, or a family membership within each plan, so you’ll only pay for the coverage you need. Consider the following examples within the OneShare Classic program:

  • An individual between the ages of 18-29 would pay $185 per month for the Basic plan, $230 per month for Enhanced, and $262 for Crown for $5,000 of Individual Sharing per year.
  • A family of five, with $10,000 of individual sharing per year, will pay between $500 and $650 (depending on members’ ages).

Families of 6 or more pay an additional $45 per dependent.

Plans for senior adults, those 60-64 years old, increase in price as is the case with most insurance policies.

  • For $5,000 of individual sharing per year, a person in this age range can expect to pay $342 per month.

An additional $60 per member per month will be added for tobacco users, regardless of age, number of family members, or chosen plan.

How do I sign up to OneShare Health?

There is no limited enrollment period, so members can sign up at any time. OneShare offers many avenues of communication. Contact them via social media, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to get more information and assistance in choosing the correct plan. You can also view several helpful videos on OneShare’s YouTube channel.

Members and producers can sign up over the phone at 833-513-4931, or you can submit your information and get an email response. No in-person paperwork is required.

What are some alternatives to OneShare Health?

OneShare Health is not available in MD or VT, but most states do allow medical cost-sharing plans.

Other faith-based health sharing plans similar to OneShare Health include Medi-Share, Christian Healthcare Ministries, and Samaritan Ministries. Each plan is based on Biblical beliefs and asks members to sign a statement of belief when joining.



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April K Berry
November 5, 2019 @ 22:30

Some what affordable they will also give you information to another insurance company that will take money out of your bank account without your permission if you don’t have any money in it it will overdraft your account and you have to jump through hoops to get it reversed this happened to me it took me about two to three days to get it fixed the one company refunded what was taken the other company that they gave me information to refunded the fees they caused I can say I canceled both of them

Some what affordable they will also give you information to another insurance company that will take money out of your bank account without your permission if you don’t have any money in it it will overdraft your account and you have to jump th..
September 10, 2019 @ 20:45

A good health share program.