A Medi-Share Review.

Medi-Share is a very popular healthsharing option that is provided by Christian Care Ministry. The ministry’s Wikipedia page claims there are over 300,145 Medi-Share members since June of 2017. If true, this would make Medi-Share most likely the largest healthsharing organization in the country. The organization also claims to have done over $1 BILLION dollars in shared medical bills among its members.



Medi-Share Review

Below is a review of Medi-Share by Christian Care Ministry. No members of our team are current members of Medi-Share so this information is all gathered from research on the internet. The scoring is based on our opinion from the information that we actually found. If you are a Medi-Share member, please submit a review at the bottom! 


How Medi-Share Works

Medi-Share seems to work a lot like Liberty and all of the other healthsharing ministries out there. The Christian Care Ministry does do a really good job of explaining everything on their website. They have also created a pretty nifty video that explains exactly how Medi-Share works for a member.

Essentially, each Medi-Share member will submit their “Standard Monthly Share” each month and that money can be sent to other members who need a medical bill paid. Whenever you need an eligible medical bill to be paid yourself, you will receive money from other members as well.



In the video, they also touch on the penalty exemption that one would normally have to pay for not having health insurance. Luckily, healthsharing ministries are exempt from this penalty due to its religious status.



The pricing for Medi-Share is pretty straight-forward. Christian Care Ministry’s website also provides an easy-to-use cost calculator to determine how much you would need to pay to be a member. Below are the pricing results I was given after entering in the calculator that I was an individual born in 1990.

Medi-Share review

Annual Household Portion

The Annual Household Portion (AHP) is a very similar concept to the Annual Unshared Amount used by ministries like Liberty Healthshare. With Medi-Share, your Annual Household Portion is the amount of money that you must pay out of your pocket before Medi-Share will start sharing your eligible medical bills. As you can see above, the more you are willing to pay for your monthly share, the less of an Annual Household Portion you will have.

Standard Monthly Share

Medi-Share’s Standard Monthly Share is the price that you will need to pay each month to be a member. For an individual in my 20’s, I would only need to pay $80 per month in order to have a $10,000 AHP. This would be a great option for a young, healthy individual that hardly ever has any medical bills. You can have a cheap monthly payment but still walk the streets knowing that if something bad were to happen, you would have help after $10,000.

Healthy Monthly Share

This is something that caught my eye at first. Medi-Share seems to put an emphasis on healthy individuals. If you meet their certain health standards, you can receive up to a 20% discount on your monthly share costs. I think this an amazing way to incentivize individuals to be healthy. Nice job Christian Care Ministry!


Signing Up

Medi-Share has a pretty easy application process. You can either fill out their digital application or call their sales line at (800) 772-5623 and a rep will walk you through the application process. When applying to Medi-Share, you are required to pay a one-time non-refundable $50 application fee.

Almost immediately after completing an application, you will receive an email to complete some more forms.

If you’re approved for Meds-Share, you will then be required to pay a one-time $120 “new member” fee along with your monthly share.

How To Pay For Medi-Share

Medi-Share requires you to set up a Personal Sharing Account with their financial partner America’s Christian Credit Union (ACCU).

There is a $2 one-time membership fee for setting this account up and then another $2 every month for administrative fees.

Once this account is set up, this is where the money will be passed through for your Medi-Share membership.


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