Have you heard the term “Annual Unshared Amount”?

If you are a member of a healthshare ministry, or just doing research on some, you may have come across this term before. Here’s what it is exactly.

What is an Annual Unshared Amount?

Annual Unshared Amount (AUA) is a term mainly used at Liberty Healthshare. The Annual Unshared Amount is the amount of money that one person must pay before their healthshare kicks in. At Liberty, the Annual Unshared Amount is $500 for an individual, $1000 for a couple, and $1500 for an entire family.

Members of Liberty Healthshare must spend their Annual Unshared Amount each year towards eligible medical bills before they can become eligible for having their payments covered by Liberty. Members must still submit all their eligible bills, even when they have still not hit their AUA, so that Liberty can keep up with how much you have spent so far. Once you hit your AUA, Liberty can start covering the rest of your bills.

Other healthsharing ministries most likely have a very similar system that requires members to hit a certain threshold before their plan will kick in.

Healthsaring reviews

Interested in joining a Healthshare Ministry?

Are you interested in joining a Healthshare Ministry? Healthsharing ministries are a great alternative to normal health insurance! HealthSharingReviews.com is a site dedicated to reviewing all the available to healthsharing ministries out there so you can make a more educated decision on which is best for you.

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We review every single ministry, like Liberty Healthshare, using people that are actual members of these ministries so that we can get the most up-to-date and accurate information available.

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